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Book Publish Kaise Kare

How to publish my Book

There are two well known methods of publishing your book


Traditional publishing

Hybrid publishing

How to self-Publish my book?

Self-publishing by its definition is the process of publishing your book by yourself, the concept of self-publishing a book has been there for a long time, when a writer decides to bypass the restriction set by Traditional Publishers, the journey to self-publishing starts for him, now; its was not simple back in the days, an Author had to find him a good manuscript editor, book designer, cover designer, printing press and the way to distribute and market his own book, with the new software’s and online platforms it had made simple for writer “WHO ARE TECH SAVY” to go ahead and publish their book.

Method of self-publishing my book

To keep it simple, a book can be self-published both in Paperback Back and eBook formats, two of these involve different journeys but mostly similar, if you are smart and have done this before you will find a way to minimize the efforts, to publish your book you would require, Book editor, Proofreading, Manuscript designer, cover designer, ISBN for your book, printing press to get your books printed and most important the way of selling and distribution for your books.

Say I live in Jammu & Kashmir, I have written a great story, at least that’s what I believe, because I have put in my great efforts in writing the hell out of it, now I prefer writing on a notebook, as most writers do. I have completed my story, no one can be happier than me, within that sense of joy I realized I need to get it out and truth be told I’m running low on money, not only low, I’m taking my fare share of swim in the ever-growing ocean of DEBT. This is not a novel so, let cut it short.

I decide to get self-publish my book, and when we say “Tech” by God I’m as good as they come, with 0 Degrees in my Pocket.


Microsoft word: best and only reliable tool for writing the script. Manuscript is done, designed it myself, keeping the size 5×8 inches, standard page size, .75 margin on all sides using basic Adobe font and doing some fancy stuff while designing, you get it .. Hurrah! I got my 299 pages book ready.


Canva/Photoshop: I know both, easiest way would be Canva, now while making book cover keep in few things in mind, complete book cover size will include Front Cover + Back Cover + Spine, in this case 5 + 5 + Spine Size, you can calculate spine size very easily online. It would come approx. 10.2×8 complete book size. Hurrah my book and cover is ready.

HURRA! My manuscript and my book cover is ready, its time to get my book published.

Amazon KDP Book Publishing

eBook Publishing

Amazon Kdp is known for eBook publishing and has made it easy for Author’s to upload and publish with their easy-to-use tools. My manuscript is ready and now I want to turn it into eBook, Kindle create is the tool provided by Kdp which will help me to edit and create ePub file, these epub files can later be used for publishing your eBook on Google Books and Kobo Platform. eBook published on KDP will be available in Indian and other countries, Royalty plans are 70% and 30% depending on what your choose to go with.

Paperback Publishing on KDP

As I have already published eBook, details of the book will be automatically forwarded for Paperback, with slight changes to make in Book cover, Manuscript and pricing structure, to make it easier with the sizes with which we can go for KDP paperback, an excel file naming Amazon print file setup calculator need to be downloaded, it will make things way easier and help us to choose the accurate size for book cover as well as the manuscript. As I have already created the paperback manuscript in word earlier, I would need to save it as pdf and upload it on kdp. Amazon kdp will provide the basic pricing for the paperback and upon that I would be deciding the retail price for my Paperback copy. IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IF YOU ARE IN INDIA, AMAZON PAPERBACK WILL BE PUBLISHED ONLY IN 12 MAJOR COUNTRIES EXCLUDNG INDIA, KDP Paperback is not yet available for Indian Market, there are language restrictions also in KDP paperback, for an example, Hindi language manuscript will not be published in Amazon Kdp.

Google Books Publishing

Google Book publishing is a very simple process, no language restrictions, you can easily upload the ePub file which is already created and get published via google books.

Kobo eBook Publishing

Kobo eBook Publishing is also a very simple process, very much similar to Google Books Publishing.


How to Get ISBN

In India, ISBN is provided by Raja Ram Mohan Agency, it’s a simple process, if you are self-publishing, you can select the same option’s and go ahead with the registration of ISBN, you may require to create a Title Verso page, whose format is provided by the Raja Ram Mohan Roy website.


Notion press provides an option of free self-publishing via there online platform, you can use their tools to design your manuscript as well as the book cover, it’s an easy way to go for publication if you are not planning to spend a penny. However, Limitation is there, if you are smart you would be able to bypass those limitations, minimum Author copies you can order would be 20.


Pothi is also very well-known platform for online book publishing, with very less limitations, only drawback is that their Print copy for Author is at a larger price than normal, no minimum Author copies, you can even order for yourself.


Traditional publishing is one of the oldest method of Book Publication, writer has to submit his manuscript to the Traditional Publisher via hard copy or email, Traditional publisher will go through the manuscript and if meets the requirement and need of the concerned publisher, they will agree to go ahead and publish the book, However it need to be kept in mind that not all the manuscripts get sleeted, only few chosen one’s which would be good for Business. Writer does not have to spend a penny while going through Traditional publishing method, book publisher will be taking care of Editing, proof reading, Cover design, IBN Registration, Printing and distribution of book. The contract/Agreement will be signed between the Publisher and the Writer after the manuscript is submitted, Either the Full payment will be given or the royalty structure will be proposed to the writer.

There are many well know Traditional Publishers in India were you can submit your manuscript via email, some of them are


    1. Penguin Random House


Penguin Random House does not accept unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, illustrations, artwork, or submission queries at this time.



Email: [email protected]



Emai: [email protected]



Hachette India do not accept any unsolicited material. Hachette India only accept submissions sent to us via a literary agent. Please note that Hachette India takes no responsibility for proposals sent directly to us. Emails about unsolicited work will not be responded to.

We do accept direct submissions in this segment. Please send your manuscripts for children’s books, and reference (all ages) titles only to [email protected].



Email: [email protected]



Email: For fiction please send your submission to [email protected]
For non- fiction please send your submission to [email protected] 
For academic please send your submission/proposal to [email protected] 



Aleph Book Company does not accept unsolicited submissions and we do not assume responsibility for any unsolicited manuscripts that we may receive. There are no exceptions to this policy. 



Email: [email protected]



As a general policy, Simon & Schuster does not review or return unsolicited manuscripts or artwork. We suggest that prospective authors and illustrators submit their materials through a professional literary agent.


    1. Juggernaut Books Private Ltd


Romance and Erotica • Crime • Spirituality and Lifestyle

[email protected]

Non-fiction • History • Politics and Current Affairs 

[email protected]

Short Stories

[email protected]

Historical Fiction • Literary Fiction
(We do not accept poetry submissions.)
[email protected]

Writing Platform
[email protected]n

Hindi Submissions
[email protected]

Hybrid publishing

Hybrid Publishing is a process of publishing were as a writer I would have to invest for the services like Manuscript Editing, cover design, and other Book Publishing related services, however within Hybrid Publishing, the Publisher also puts an efforts in Market and distribution of book, it can be said that Hybrid Publishing is the combination of both Self and Traditional Publishing. There are very less Hybrid model that I know of, next to nothing But Apna Publish is Looking forward to turn Self into Hybrid which will have both options open for writers.

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