Come a Few More Steps: Mark 12:28-34


Let me give you a context to this. A man walked up to Jesus and wanted to know which of his many commandments was the greatest. Jesus told him:

1. Love God with all your heart
2. Love your neighbour

The man agreed. Jesus saw how he accepted the two commandments and said:

“You are not far from the Kingdom of God!” So, you see, there are just a few steps more. Accept the commandments of Jesus and you are already there.

But that is not enough. You would want to enter the Kingdom of God, right?” For only once inside can you sit and feast on His mutton, not when you’re just nearby.

Now, experts none of us may be at this, but here’s the best I tried to do to help you get yourself into the Kingdom God.

This book is a compilation…


Someday, we’re all going to look down from Heaven and laugh at these things we did on Earth! Till then, enjoy reading this book and pray for me and someday we’ll come to that final flight of stairs on this narrow road that leads to Heaven, where we’ll finally meet. There you’ll get to know the real me!

– Eunice

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