Gardening Calendar


Most people who try their hand in gardening were initially highly motivated, but motivation fades away slowly because of scattered and incomplete knowledge. As from sowing a seed to harvesting the fruit, there are many different stages and at every stage, a plant requires different management.
This book is compiled by SustainSwap from different sources which range from National institutions, books, studies of local farmers and hobby gardeners.

बागवानी में हाथ आजमाने वाले ज्यादातर लोग शुरू में अत्यधिक प्रेरित होते है, लेकिन बिखरे और अधूरे ज्ञान के कारण प्रेरणा धीरे-धीरे फीकी पड़ जाती है।
यह पुस्तक सस्टेनस्वैप द्वारा विभिन्न स्रोतों से संकलित की गई है जिनमे राष्ट्रीय संस्थानों, पुस्तकों, स्थानीय किसानों के अध्ययन से लेकर शोकिया तौर पर घर मैं बागवानी कर रहे लोग शामिल हैं।


Sustainswap is a group created by our friends, we want to make earth a beautiful place to live, a world without waste and we try to provide earth and health-friendly alternate of every possible thing which is polluting, non-degradable and unhealthy on this planet.
We are a small bunch of like-minded, who all knew how dangerous can be pollutants and non-organic matters are to the earth and to all the living beings on it, which includes you and us.

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