I Had Two Love Stories


For Abhishek, the 15-year-old boy, 11th standard was his dream class, he was so curious and excited to study in 11th because he had two dreams to full fill in these two years, one was just like all the students to get good marks on every subject and the second one was to get a girlfriend not just for these two years but for the rest of his life. Like his dream, he had got a beautiful girlfriend and he was madly in love with her but she had dumped him and went for a richer and handsome guy than him. After his high school, he had gone to college by swearing that he will not love again but again his plan was crashed, he falls in love with his best friend from his old school and this love story had never been ended.


Abhishek G Krishna is a commerce student, studying currently in 11th on SDVEMHSS, Kerala. Abhishek lives with his parents in Alappuzha a small district in Kerala. He is an average student in all school activities.

Abhishek loves to spend time with his family and friends, he will always be there for his friends and that’s why they love him. He plays guitar, loves to read books, and collecting it, and he is so fond of watching movies.

He started to write books when he was just 15 and completed one book and is still writing 2 more books within just five months.
The inspiration behind his writing is his nightmares, he used to have a lot of nightmares and finally, he decided to pen it all down and to create beautiful Stories.

Book Details

ISBN: 9789354168451
Publisher: Apna Publish
Number of Pages: 73
Dimensions: 5.80″x8.30″
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)


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