Sales I M Possible


A Comprehensive handbook on hard and soft sales skills with Assessment

In my 20 Plus years of sales experience, I have come across a lot of books which present a few aspect of sales and others which present some more. However since sales is a combination of hard (Funnel Management, Negotiation skills, Key Account management etc.) and soft skills (Confidence, Attitude, Behavior, Active Listening Etc.).
A complete account of such skills at one place seems missing, which triggered the thought to write my experiences and understandings of Sales process from both Psychological and technical perspective.
Mom! I want to become a sales person when I grow up !!, has never been any child’s dream. Even most of B schools only teach Sales as one of the subject not as a career. Lot of us actually learned tricks of trade from our experiences, colleagues, clients, peers etc. by rising and falling, “The Hard way.” This vacuum led the thought process which culminated in form of this book which presents a Comprehensive account of Hard and Soft Skills.
A Lot of self-assessment tests are built in to assess where we are and where we want to be. Also it’s a book not to be read but to work with. There are notes and pointers which stop us to think, assess and work on skills and aspects needed for being a successful Super Achiever.
This is not a story book, it’s a book which has the potential to transform a sales career provided we work along the ideas propagated to evolve us to next level.


Harsh Pandey, a poet, a Leadership Blogger (, a Passionate sales professional has held several key positions in South Asian Business leadership and extensively worked with several large Multi-National Fortune-500 corporations in his 20 plus year career. His Coaching and Mentoring leadership style has been recognized in various national and international forums. He is well versed and with global business processes and understands work cultures across continents. He is extensively travelled and respected for his problem solving and strategic approach. His collection of poetry ‘Heart to Heart Talks: Soul touching romantic poetry’ (available on amazon) is acknowledged by readers. He stays in New Delhi with his wife Shakti and two beautiful kids Shourya and Shanaya.

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ISBN: 9798712511266

Publisher: Apna Publish

Number of Pages: 290

Dimensions: 5.5″x8.5″
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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